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We currently have weekly Bible studies, Family Fellowship, Women’s fellowship, fasting prayer, Camp meetings, Hostel visits, Family counseling, and Kenyan meetings.

Meet Our Pastors

Our Directional Leadership Team works together to shape the vision and direction of Find Faith

Rev Dr Anish Babu


To serve Jesus as we involve, motivate, equip and encourage all our members for local and global outreach.

Pr P M George

senior pastor

Pastor P.M. George, a great missionary, leading the church into a new path that everyone works for the fulfilment of Jesus’ great commission.

The Genesis of Bethel AG Hindi Service

Bethel AG Hindi service conceived in my mind when a Missionary Pastor visited us and the vision to reach the unreached powerfully was imbibed into my spirit. God in His will encouraged me and the pioneer work started in September 2009 in a Labour camp. The first meeting was prayed and started in the presence of Pr. PM George, and few brothers from the camp. The only intention of this initiation was to spread the Gospel in between the sub-standard Indian and Nepali individuals specifically to Non-Christians, who are deprived of God’s love living their life in the camps. Initial days of the ministry was more like a personal prayer in a portacabin with none to join me…..But Holy Spirit encouraged me to move on, again and again prophets, our church leaders and Pastors encouraged me through the word of God and God’s will in this service. And the love of God forced me to continue to conduct the meetings and a voice within said ‘You will see the work of God’.

Forcing into the painful lives…. the Love of Christ

Every day I used to visit the camps except Fridays. I felt I was not quickly received in the painful eyes of the brothers whom I encountered. I realised all the more that unless the father wills no one can come to the son. I then started going to the camp ENTRY gates, in the midnight hours stretching forth my hand & started praying for them. Slowly and gradually God started to change the situation….God took me to the people who were trapped in Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Criminals, left alone, Divorced, Rejected, Suicide Cases, Contract killers, Goons, & sorcerers waiting for a deliverance. The simple yet powerful message of salvation was delivered and the Holy Spirit filled me with an anointing to speak, without fear, the name of Jesus. God changed their mind for Christ and thus a miracle.

The Miracle

Every conversion to Christ was a result of inexplicable miracle in their Life and every life a testimony. We have believers who ran from the baptism pool only to come back with deeper commitment – that is God’s way. The power of His grace over us is truly a testimony. Sicknesses like cancer, Bleeding nose & ears, diabetes, unnumberable testimonies, deliverance from evil spirits fires our zeal to work for Him and the assurance that Jesus is with us enables us to go a mile further.

Almost every month we have baptisms and by His fervent grace over the past years God has helped us to baptize several hundreds of people for the glory of God.


Set apart for Ministry

In February 2010, under the auspices of Rev. Pr.TJ Samuel, I was ordained as Bethel AG Hindi Pastor. As a family we have committed our lives to serve our Lord and Jesus leads us !


Carving Missionaries

I have not only trained my spiritual children to be faithful member of a Christian family but also by nourishing them with Christian values, and also encouraged them as next generation missionaries. By God’s grace few of them have already left their job and they are working as full time missionaries in their Home town. Now praying & preparing the next set of missionaries to begin their mission journey.


The Harvest is plenty

The harvest in front of us is plenty and reaping the harvest is the most exciting part of missionary evangelism. The power from above has accelerated the reaping and the end time buckles up our shoes to run to beckon the unsaved to His kingdom. “It shall come to pass in the last days says the lord, that I will pour out spirit on all flesh….And it come to pass in the last days that whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be saved (Acts 2:16,17,21).


The Holy Spirit mobilizes the entire church.

Our Core Values

Learn more about our values and our story as a church by visiting the about us page.

We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the head of our church and fully submit ourselves to His will. In every aspect of our ministry our goal is always to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe the Bible is God’s inspired authoritative and trustworthy rule of faith and practice for Christians. Therefore, we submit ourselves to its teaching, commit ourselves to do what it says, and yield our lives to become what Christ desires for us to be.

We believe in the power of prayer. Therefore, the ministries and activities our church will be characterized by a reliance on personal and corporate prayer in all areas of our lives and ministry.

We believe in the Great Commission commanded to us by Jesus Christ and we are committed to reaching unsaved and unchurched people locally, nationally and worldwide. We will use every available Christ-honoring means to pursue, win and disciple the people in our sphere of influence.

We believe God ordained the family to glorify him. We are committed to cultivate an atmosphere which promotes spiritual growth within the family by reaching families with the gospel, discipling them in Christ-like character and teaching each family member how to fulfill their God-given role.

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