Pr Kurian Samuel

Founder Pastor

Pastor Kurian Samuel was the founder pastor of Bethel AG. He was not only a good shepherd for Bethel AG but also was a great visionary. His care, love, hard work and leadership calibre helped rapid growth of the church. Pastor Kurien shouldered the responsibility to bring all Pentecostal churches and pastors under one umbrella and the result was today’s QMPC (Qatar Malayalee Pentecostal Congregation). He was the first president of QMPC and also the first president of IDCC.

During this period, a senior church member, P.M. George, was appointed as the Associate Pastor. In 2006 when Pastor Kurian Samuel completed his work in Doha and moved to United States with his family, Pastor P.M. George has been appointed as the Senior Pastor and Simon Mathai as the Associate Pastor of Bethel AG. Pastor P.M. George, a great missionary, leading the church into a new path that everyone works for the fulfilment of Jesus’ great commission.

Today Bethel AG has 5 pastors. Pastor Charles is giving leadership for Tamil church, Pastor Anish Babu for Hindi church, and Pr. David Manoraj for English church.

with sweet regards,

Pastor Kurian Samuel

Founder Pastor